How do we end all this labeling of one another?

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This popped up on my Facebook feed earlier today and it exemplifies exactly the message I am trying to spread.

How do we stop labeling each other?

We can’t have reasonable conversations, political or otherwise, without some form of mutual respect. Without it we resort to labeling one another, and people who are ready to reach across the political aisle and earnestly try to discuss the issues with one another cannot do so for fear of being labeled and attacked.

We need to find that mutual respect before we can make progress. We need to find out what we have in common before we can productively discuss our differences. Every human being, no matter how different, has something in common with every other human being. We are all humans, one way or another.

So I ask everyone, how can we start connecting with one another and learn the ways which we can respect one another, without falling into our habit of labeling?

Connect – Respect.

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